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Emission reduction

Animal welfare

Regenerative agriculture

Reuse of minerals and organic matter


Emission reduction

Animal welfare

Regenerative agriculture

Reuse of minerals and organic matter

filterfloor for reduced emissions and healthy animals and fertile soil

Filterfloor: healthy animals, healthy soil, healthy environment!

A healthier soil life for animals and the environment this is what the Filterfloor is aiming for. These three aspects are also the basis for the regenerative agriculture. We need a global transition to ecological agriculture so the agricultural sector will be able to feed the expected increase in the world’s population.
Recycling minerals and organic matter from manure and less using artificial fertilizers and pesticides, will improve soil health and allow additional CO2 to be stored. Separating manure at source will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality inside and outside the barn.
The use of a Filterfloor will reduce emissions, increase soil health and improve animal welfare.

The advantages of the Filterfloor


more animal welfare


healthier working environment for the animal caretakers


fewer costs, more revenues


 soil improvement


reduction of (greenhouse gas) emissions


a positive image for the livestock sector 

 Filterfloor is a start-up that develops and markets a unique, patented Filterfloor system for manure separation at the source. As a start-up, we have gained several years of experience. The development has reached the final phase, which is why we are looking for early adopters who are prepared to give access to their barns for testing the patented Filterfloor system. These pilot projects are intended for research into final emission measurements.

    Dairy cows Filterfloor stimulates welfare and health


    Filterfloor stimulates the welfare and health of your dairy cattle.

    Filterfloor for naturally excretory behavior of pigs


    Clean living environments contribute to the welfare and naturally excretory behaviour of pigs.

    Goats comfortable, dry environment with less emissions


    A comfortable, dry environment for your goats.

    Horse - equines comfort filterfloor


    Lying comfort and a good walking grip for your horses.

    fertile soil with filterfloor


    Organic manure stimulates soil fertility, humus formation and biodiversity.

    How does the Filterfloor work?

    Filterfloor separates urine and solid manure directly into the stable. This results in two valuable manure streams of which the minerals and organic matter are better preserved. In this way the Filterfloor makes an important contribution to the agricultural cycle. The manure flows can be stored separately and can be used to measure for:

    Soil improvement

    You can use the separate streams for soil digestion: organic matter and phosphate (P) from solid manure, and nitrogen (N) and potash (K) from urine. Finally composting or fermentation for soil improvement is also possible.

    Mineral concentrate 

    Separation at source allows processing into a mineral concentrate.

    Manure fermentation

    The fresh manure can be fermented for biogas, which can be used to generate green energy. The residue can be used as fertiliser

    Better animal welfare with Filterfloor

    Filterfloor improves the well-being of your cows, pigs, horses and goats. Filterfloor prevents:


    crippled animals


    claw problems


    eye complaints


    respiratory / (breathing) problems


    stress-related animal diseases

    Better soil quality thanks to low-emission barn systems

    Filterfloor prevents the emission of ammonia (NH3), methane (CH4), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), blue-acid gas (HCN), carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O). This improves the fresh air in the barns, and the health of your animals. In addition, low-emission barn systems with Filterfloor ensure the preservation of minerals and organic matter in the manure. As a result this greatly improves the fertility, structure and water regulation of the soil.


    Filterfloor is a revolutionary barn floor system that separates urine and faeces at the source.

    The Filterfoor prevents slurry formation, so that minerals and organic matter remain more available and emissions are greatly reduced.

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